Resin Flooring in Hastings, Brighton & East Sussex

ATD Flooring Specialists provides resin flooring installations to suit even the most demanding of commercial and industrial environments. In addition to its outstanding durability and hardwearing qualities, this flooring option also increases safety with high skid-resistance as well as offering impressive hygienic properties. As a customisable commercial flooring option too, resin flooring ticks every box for clients in our home town of Bexhill-on-Sea, Hastings, Brighton and the wider East Sussex area.


As a commercial flooring specialist, our team offers a complete start-to-finish service for any resin flooring installation. From the first point of contact to the final handover, we work towards nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction on each and every job.


In order to get your project off to a flying start, we have taken a look below at the types of resin flooring currently available.

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Choosing the Right Resin Flooring


Epoxy – The most popular and widely use resin flooring, epoxy options come in several different types. Whichever option our clients choose, however, they guarantee themselves a material that bonds fully to concrete, thus protecting the subflooring from wear, abrasion, impact, water ingress as well as oil and chemical spills.


This thermo-set material provides optimal performance and durability but also makes a great choice for electrically conductive flooring too.


PMMA – Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) offers an industrial and commercial flooring option with an incredibly quick installation turnaround. Depending on the size of the area being covered, the application and curing process, even with temperatures under 0°C, can usually be finished within a weekend. For businesses in Hastings, Brighton and the surrounding areas looking for minimal downtime, PMMA makes the ideal choice.


The material itself also goes by the name of ‘acrylic’ or ‘acrylic glass’. Manufacturers use this to create well-known products such as Perspex, Lucite and Plexiglas. PMMA holds classification as a thermoplastic resin and offers impressive chemical, electrical and slip resistance.


Polyurethane – As with epoxy resin flooring, polyurethane options come with thermo-set classification. This means that a significantly longer installation time needs to be accounted for, unlike PMMA. However, the finished result has outstanding resistance to direct heat and high temperatures. As such, polyurethane resin flooring makes a great addition to areas directly in front of bakery ovens or where hot trolleys stand and cool.


As with every other resin flooring option available to our clients in Hastings, Brighton and the neighbouring areas, polyurethane provides impressive impact absorption.


Choosing the right resin flooring option depends entirely on its intended use because different chemicals have varying effects on these materials. For example, organic lactic acids in dairy, cheese and milk production have a corrosive and yellowing effect on epoxy floors, but no effect at all on PMMA or polyurethane. Likewise, industries that utilise sulfuric acid need to be aware that this chemical damages polyurethane floors.


To find out what resin flooring option best suits your company’s needs, please contact us.

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Benefits of Resin Flooring


Property owners opting for resin flooring receive the following benefits:


  1. Toughness – Created through a chemical bonding process, resin flooring has a greater strength than concrete as well as an immense resistance to breakage. In addition, we apply the chemical coating that compromises the resin during installation in one continuous layer with no seams or joins.
  2. Flexibility – Resin flooring offers any site in Hastings, Brighton and East Sussex a highly flexible, tensile material under stress and duress. Due to the strength of the chemical bond, these floors hold significant weights without any damage being inflicted on the concrete below.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal – Available in various colours and finishes, resin floors offer customisable industrial and commercial flooring options to suit any design requirement. Unlike the recent past, high performance flooring no longer has to mean dull, unimaginative surfaces.
  4. Safety – Resin flooring has an anti-slip layer designed to prevent slips, trips and subsequent injuries. This feature, added beneath the main layer, offers support and friction to anybody and anything walking, moving or dragging across the surface.

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image of resin flooring 1
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image of resin flooring 1
image of resin flooring 2
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